Ah, Memorial Day Weekend, the harbinger of summer, bringing with it the aromas of culinary delights blazing on the barbecue, picnics with family and friends, long hours of lounging by the pool or at the beach, getting the camping gear loaded into the car for a weekend in the mountains; finally a time of rest and relaxation! Four days to do whatever you want!

But what is that I hear in the distance? Is that the muted rumblings of the battlefield, thousands upon thousands of tired feet and worn boots tramping through foreign terrain? Is it the sound of gunfire, and the sudden shock of shells raining down on the countless men and women who sacrificed their lives for your freedom to enjoy this day?

Memorial Day; what exactly is it? Originally known as Decoration Day, this day of remembrance was instituted long before the Civil War. It was a day of commemoration of those who died on or around the battlefields. A day to pay tribute to the Warriors who fell on the battlefields, a time to reflect on the freedom they afforded the rest of us in this, the United State of America. Yes, Warriors, for these are the ones who were brave enough to set aside their lives and go forth to face the enemies, facing whatever onslaught came their way, including the giving of their lives!

This Memorial Day Weekend, won’t you please take a few minutes out of your fun to think about these brave women and men? Please stop and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice they made to ensure that you would be able to have the freedom to enjoy a barbecue, picnic, camping trip, and a time of rest and relaxation, if only for a few minutes. Please?

With Love And Respect,
Susan Isabella Sheehan
A Circle Of Warriors