Veterans Day – What It Means To Me

by Susan Sheehan / 07 November 2015 / No Comments

What exactly is Veterans Day? For many, it is the time when they are given an extra day off from work or school to spend on leisure. Or, it’s ‘sale day’, when the stores offer discounts on everything from A to Z. Little time is spent thinking about what the day really means.

Since the birth of the United States of American on July 4, 1776, no single generation of Americans has been spared the responsibility of defending freedom by force of arms. More than 42 Million American men and women have served in time of war, more than a MILLION have purchased freedom with their lives.

For me, it is a time of remembrance of the women and men who have selflessly given of themselves that I might enjoy freedom. There are approximately 21.8 Million men and women Military Veterans in the United States. Out of that population, a large percentage are living life with fragmented souls as a result of Combat, walking in society as automatons, simply making the motions of living without really feeling. They have left behind on the battlefields a large part of themselves, and brought home with them a conflict seated deep within that they struggle silently with day after day.

For me, every day is Veterans Day, a day of bringing hope and love back into the hearts of these Warriors. Every day is a day of giving back to them just a little bit of what they have given to me. Helping them to find the fragmented parts of their souls, put those pieces back together, and help them to know joy and peace once again. Bring them back from the darkness of the battlefields and into the light of life.

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With Respect,

Susan Isabella Sheehan
A Circle Of Warriors
“No one of us can be abandoned, wounded on the battlefields of life!”

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