Respecting Our Independence

by Susan Sheehan / 04 July 2016 / No Comments

Today our family will be spending time attending the commemoration of our independence in Columbia, California. Three of us will be marching in the parade. We will remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we will remember the Patriots who gave their lives for our liberties, we will remember the Combat Veterans who have sacrificed their limbs and lives. We will remember. Something we do every single day of our lives.

We won’t be attending a fireworks display. Most who do aren’t even aware of the meaning of “Defense of Fort McHenry”, better known today as The Star Spangled Banner. They cannot see what Francis Scott Key saw the night of September 14, 1814, the bombardment on Fort McHenry. They cannot identify with the horrors of the battlefield. We will honor our Patriots quietly and with honor, and the deepest of respect.

Today we will remember…..

With Love And Respect,
Susan Isabella Sheehan
A Circle Of Warriors


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