S.I. Sheehan, Founder/Director/CEO

Susan has volunteered many hours in community service with churches, schools, and other organizations. Susan is the daughter (World War II, Army), niece ( World War II, Navy and Air Force ), and sister ( Vietnam War, USMC ), of Combat Veterans. She was also the wife of a United States Marine. Some, if not all of them, suffered or suffer from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Susan is a certified substance abuse counselor, and is working on her certificate for domestic violence diversion.

Some words from Susan:

It is my honor and privilege to serve those who have given of themselves to allow me the freedom that I enjoy today, even as I write this! It was through many deep conversations with my older brother, as well as being raised by my dad, regarding Combat Veterans and their needs that I became inspired to found A Circle Of Warriors. It is my greatest wish that through compassionate understanding and consistent care I can play a part in the healing of our Warriors!

In addition to being the founder and directing the daily affairs of A Circle Of Warriors, I am currently recovering from breast cancer. One of my greatest strengths is not giving up the ship, even in the stormiest weather!

I am very excited and proud to be working with Combat Veterans and their families in the greater Gilroy, California region! I look forward each day to being able to facilitate their many needs. I am a certified facilitator for SMART Recovery, an alternative to 12-step substance dependency programs, and am currently studying continuing education modules in PTSD, TBI, Moral Injury and other issues our Combat Veterans and their families face on a daily basis via Duke University.You may reach me at admin@acircleofwarriors.org

David M. Reading/Founding Member/CFO

David is a founding member. His sense of compassion and humanitarianism is key to his role as CFO. He brings with him years of service in his community, along with experience in handling finances. His customer service skills far exceed the expectations that we have, and we are delighted to have him on board.

Reporting to the CEO, David defines the process and implements the infrastructure/systems needed to support our substantial growth over the next five to 10 years. He continues to build and manage effective and streamlined administrative/financial systems, including financial, accounting, legal, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), and physical infrastructure.

As a member of the senior management team, David is involved in strategic planning, evaluation, and professional development initiatives, as well as planning for A Circle Of Warriors expansion to multiple new sites both locally and in other cities. In keeping with a Circle of Warriors values, David also interacts with clients as a mentor.

His excellent people skills help him when collaborating with our dynamic team. As a founding member and senior manager, David oversees new ways of creating efficiency and guiding our investments in people and systems. His personal qualities of integrity, credibility and commitment to our the mission of A Circle Of Warriors makes him an essential part of our team.

David is a certified substance abuse counselor, and is working towards his certificate for domestic violence diversion.

David represents ACOW in Sonora, CA, and you may reach him
at d_reading@acircleofwarriors.org

Rachel S. Reading/Founding Member/Executive Secretary

Rachel Reading, one of our founding members, is the Executive Secretary for A Circle Of Warriors. Rachel is the daughter (Vietnam War, Navy Seal), sister (Iraq, USMC), niece and cousin of Combat Veterans.

Her role within our organization serves to enhance S.I.’s effectiveness by providing information, management support, as well as representing the her to others. She maintains the S.I.’s appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel, and represents the S.I. by attending meetings in her absence and speaking for her.

Rachel has worked as a manager in the restaurant industry as well as the apartment management industry, and with customer relations skills being crucial to her involvement with ACOW, her prior experience is vitally important. Her education includes an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration of Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s of Science with a concentration of Forensic Science, and Masters of Business with a concentration of Healthcare Management. Rachel has worked closely with many Combat Veterans, both on personal and professional levels. Her humanitarian spirit will enable her to attain the goal of helping our Combat Veterans and their family members in need.

Accomplishments include scholastic achievement awards consisting of Delta Mu Delta for high scholastic attainment of business, as well as Fair Housing education and certification for the State of California. Rachel is a certified substance abuse counselor, and is working on her certificate for domestic violence diversion.

Rachel is currently enrolled in The University of Phoenix to obtain her PhD, with her focus on Healthcare Administration, which is consistent with our mission statement and outreach programs. Rachel plays an integral part of working with our Combat Veterans and their family members.

Rachel represents ACOW in Sonora, CA, and you may reach her
at r_reading@acircleofwarriors.org

Michael J. Sheehan/Founding Member/Liaison

Michael Sheehan has been working with Lawrence J. Sheehan Jr. (The True Warrior) since 2011 in finding ways to help the Veterans gain in their understanding of the horrors of war. Michael only was told the whole Vietnam story around 2008 which was many years after Lawrence (his older brother) was discharged. Michael now is joining A Circle of Warriors in Arizona, continuing the passionate service to America’s Vets which S.I. Sheehan and Lawrence Sheehan started years ago taking it to the next level in Veteran care. Michael is the son (World War II, Army), nephew ( World War II, Navy and Air Force ), and brother ( Vietnam War, USMC ), of Combat Veterans.

Michael represents ACOW in Showlow, AZ, and you may reach him at