If You’re Unhappy With The VA Then Call Your Congressman

by Susan Sheehan / 28 February 2016 / No Comments

The following is a very recent account of a Warriors personal experience at one of our VA hospital emergency rooms in Southern California. As you can see the level of care being given has not changed, and if things are allowed to continue as they are will not change.

“I went to the Loma Linda VA ER a couple weeks ago and had the worst ER experience I have ever had in my whole life. It took them 12 hours to finally bring me into the triage area, only to wait another 3 hours until I finally complained, and a doctor finally came to assess my needs. My seven-month pregnant fiancé was with me and suffered through it all with me. The room they put me in where I had to wait another three hours was dirty there was blood spots on the floor I had to complain to get a janitor to come clean it. Once they finally brought in a surgeon he asked why didn’t they call me earlier, it only took me 15 minutes to get here! My fiancé and I were appalled at the lack of professionalism, and when I complained to the doctor at the nursing station he said well that’s the way it is at the VA, call your congressman.”

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