Giving Thanks Each And Every Day

by Susan Sheehan / 24 November 2015 / No Comments

With the Thanksgiving Holidays fast approaching, I am thinking about all that I am grateful for. Working with Combat Veterans has given me something more to be especially thankful for. Freedom for all of us has come at a great price for the women and men who have given of themselves to afford this valuable part of our lives.

Every day is Thanksgiving Day, a day of observance of gratitude, and a day of bringing hope and love back into the hearts of these Warriors. Every day is a day of giving back to them just a little bit of what they have given to us. Helping them to find the fragmented parts of their souls, put those pieces back together, and help them to know joy and peace once again. Bring them back from the darkness of the battlefields and into the light of life.

Be grateful today and every day. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to thank the ones you love, or the ones who have sacrificed themselves for you to be able to enjoy that day in freedom!

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